The 2017 J. S. Gravenstein Award for lifetime achievement in the area of technology in anesthesia will be presented to Dr. James Philip. He will be presenting a keynote talk at the 2017 STA Annual Meeting, at noon, January 13, 2017.  

Dr. Philip is recognized for his numerous major contributions to technological aspects of the practice of anesthesiology, encompassing monitoring, therapy, and educational simulation.

The award is named for J. S. "Nik" Gravenstein, MD, a founding member and former president of the STA. For over thirty years, Dr. Gravenstein has been a driving force in advancing anesthesia technology, patient simulation and anesthesia patient safety. His lifelong commitment to developing and teaching anesthesia technology embodies the values of the Society.  Dr. Gravenstein passed away in 2009.

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James Philip ME(E), MD, CCE has made numerous major contributions to the technological aspects of the practice of anesthesiology, encompassing monitoring, therapy, and simulation.  He has done this by publishing, patenting, and creating products to fill patient care, patient monitoring, and caregiver education needs.  The most important inventions, patents, and products are the following.


Lifewatch™ CO2 Monitor - PI leader created and licensed the first clinically successful CO2 monitor - Life-Watch™, which provided continuous CO2 monitoring in the Perkin Elmer multi-room multi-gas mass spectrometer.  Co-inventor was Daniel Raemer Ph.D.

Vigilance Continuous Cardiac Output (CCO) Monitor - Invented, published, and patented, Continuous Cardiac Output. This is the multi-frequency thermodilution measurement mathematics and patent used in the Edwards Vigilance® CCO Monitor later introduced by Mark Yelderman of Interflow Inc., and arguably still the reference method for CCO.  Co-inventor was Ronald Newbower.

Smart Alarms monitoring for change – PI leader created early Smart Alarms (in PPG Gas Monitor) and Alert Zones (in Ohmeda Central Display ) detecting changes in vital signs to alert clinicians of a change in patient state.

Instant Timer to quickly assess the rate of occurrence of observed events. Created and patented a manual entry rate calculator for HR, RR, IV drip, and any other rate. The Master Medical Instant Timer™ later used this technique.


InfusOR Pump - PI leader developed the first Bolus plus Infusion pump for intravenous drug administration in the Baxter-Bard InfusOR Syringe Pump. This pump which included magnetically applied drug label with nominal settings and dose limits remained on the world market for 25 years.  Co-inventor was Daniel Raemer.

Pressure Infuser for clinical liquids – Invented and published the high-pressure-squeeze constant pressure liquid infuser for IV, hysteroscopic, and other high-flow liquid infusions used in ORs and ERs around the world. Originally published in Anesthesia & Analgesia and awarded republication in the Yearbook of Emergency Medicine. Co-author was Beverly Philip.

IV pump to monitor for IV extravasation  - Invented, published, and patented, the hydraulic resistance measurement in the IVAC (later Alaris, Cardinal Health, Carefusion, now Becton Dickenson) Signature Edition™ Infusion Pump that detects fluid extravasation by monitoring hydraulic resistance. Product developers were Bob Butterfield and Walt Bochenko. The hydraulic resistance measurement technique was used to monitor liquid flux in avascular necrosis of the hip and led to Philip and co-authors receiving the Stinchfield Award in Orthopedic Surgery.



Gas Man® Computer Simulation - Author of Gas Man® computer simulation, textbook, workbook, learning environment and president of the non-profit corporation that has taught kinetics of inhaled anesthetics since 1985. His teaching includes workshops in many countries and national and international meetings including ASA, ESA, NAVAt, SAARC, WCA., as well as workshops in many countries, presented by Gas Man users.  Gas Man computer simulation pictures and graphs were used by J. S. Gravenstein in his textbooks and continue to be used by other authors to teach inhalation kinetics. On-going co-developer is Hal M. Franklin.

Dr. Philip as a founding member of the Society for Technology in Anesthesia (STA) and served as its president 1999-2000. He was mentored by J. S. Gravenstein during his early career. Dr. Philip is an anesthesiologist at Brigham and Women’s Hospital and Professor of Anaesthesia at Harvard Medical School.


Medical Products by James Philip

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