J.S. Gravenstein Award Presentation 

Jeffrey M. Feldman, MD, MSE


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Posters-in-a-Minute Clinical Applications Abstracts

1. A Novel Device That May Lower the Incidence of Injectable Medication Errors - Tariq Chaudhry, MD
2. Design and Implementation of a Voice-Based Controller for the Solar 8000 Monitor - Christopher Connor, MD, PhD
3. Pre-Deployment Assessment of NETCCN COVID-19 Tele Critical Care Technologies in a Laboratory Environment - David Arney, PhD
4. Intraoperative Arterial Pressure Waveforms Shows Temporal Structure Complexity Correlated with Acuity of Liver Transplant by Pulse Wave Manifold Learning Analysis- Yu-Ting Lin, MD
5. Resurrecting a 'Shocking' Dinosaur: Updating the Original Mechanomyography Gold Standard for 2020 - Kelly Michaelsen, MD, PhD
6. Analgesic Monitoring Indices in Response to Noxious Stimuli of Laparoscopic Cystectomy Surgery and Their Time Optimization - Shen-Chih Wang, MD, PhD
7. Approximating the Inter- and Intra-Patient PK/PD of Propofol-Induced Burst Suppression - Jason Huang, BS
8. Comparison of Near-Infrared Spectroscopy-Derived Cerebral and Somatic Oxygenation Indices During Pediatric Scoliosis Surgery, Michael Wood, PhD


Posters-in-a-Minute Advancements in Technology Abstracts

9. Measuring the Performance of Multi-Pump Infusion Systems with Spectrophotometry - David Arney, PhD
10. Preliminary Experience With a New High-Speed Flow Sensor for Investigating and Improving Syringe Pump Flow Performance - Robert Butterfield, BSE
11. Detecting Abnormalities on Displays of Patient Information - Sydney Fleishman
12. A Framework for Evaluating Healthcare Machine Learning Models: Application and Analysis Using Hospital Readmission - Eilon Gabel, MD
13. Improved Sedation Capnography And Enhanced Patient Safety For Sedation Anesthesia - Michael Jach, MD
14. Reduction of Preoperative Anxiety Using Virtual Reality vs Midazolam: A Randomized Controlled Trial - Anthony Koo, MD and Sanjana Khanna, BS
15. Leveraging the Human Digital Twin for Perioperative Monitoring of Pediatric Patients- An Early Case Study - Hannah Yates, BS


Posters-in-a-Minute Big Data & Database Research Abstracts

16. Modeling the Cost Savings of Continuous Pulse Oximetry and Capnography Monitoring of United States Hospital Ward Patients Receiving Opioids - Ashish Khanna, MD, FCCP, FCCM
17. Defining Gender and Race/Ethnicity-Specific Laboratory Reference Ranges and its Impact on Predicting Post-Operative Acute Kidney Injury and Mortality Outcomes - Andrew Lee, MS
18. Machine Learning Approaches to Predict Intraoperative Transfusion - Matthew Zapf, MD
19. Simulation Study to Evaluate Fidelity of Continuous Pulse Oximetry Recording in the Electronic Health Record - Diane Dao, MD
20. Development of a Novel and Racially Unbiased Deep Learning Algorithm to Predict Preterm Birth in Hypertensive Parturients: A Pragmatic Approach to De-biasing - Raphael Cohen, BS
21. Influence of Air Pollution on Perioperative Outcomes & Potential for Big Data Driven Discoveries - Roman Kovtun, BS
22. Development of a Simple Risk Prediction Model for Excessive Postoperative Opioid Utilization in Inpatients - Rama Sreepada, PhD
23. Pilot Implementation of a Clinical Research Data Warehouse Linking Intra-Operative Physiological Data With Post-Operative Outcome - Minnie Teng, MOT


Posters-in-a-Minute Medical Devices & Apps Abstracts

24. Low Cost Ultraviolet Light Decontamination Chamber - Alexander Abess, MD
25. Memsorb, A Novel Co2 Removal Device Part I: In Vitro Performance With The Zeus Ie® - Mohammad Bashraheel, MD
26. Towards an AKI Monitor: Modeling Urinary Oxygen Changes Through the Urinary Tract - Lars Lofgren, BS
27. Pharmacokinetic Design of Closed Circle Sevoflurane Inhalational Sedation for COVID-19 Patients - Jeff E. Mandel, MD, MS
28. Monitoring Respiratory Rate in Neonates Using the Rrate Mobile App - Catherine Njeru, MBChB, MMed
29. Instrumenting a Simple Lung Simulator for Digital Data Acquisition and Simulation of Spontaneous Breathing - Reed Watkins
30. A Novel Quality Indicator for Displaying and Comparing the Missingness of the Ppg Derived Respiratory Rate - Jia Zhang, MSc


Best in Show Abstract Award Presentation
Reduction of Preoperative Anxiety Using Virtual Reality vs. Midazolam: A Randomized Controlled Trial - Anthony Koo, MD


Best Clinical Application Abstract Award Presentation
Analgesic Monitoring Indices in Response to Noxious Stimuli of Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy Surgery and Their Time Optimization - Yu-Ting Lin, MD, PhD​


Excellence in Technology Abstract Award Presentation
Measuring the Performance of Multi-Pump Infusion Systems with Spectrophotometry - David Arney, PhD