STA 2019 Junior Research Grant

The Society for Technology in Anesthesia (STA) announces the STA Junior Research Grant of $1,000.  The grant will be awarded at the January 2019 annual meeting.


Selection Criteria: Grant recipients will be selected by a committee of STA members, based on written applications submitted for research proposals. The recipient of the Junior Researcher Grant and/ or institution sponsoring the research is responsible for all decisions regarding the identification of research needs, determination of objectives, selection and presentation of content, selection of all persons and organizations that will be in a position to control the research, selection of research methods, and the evaluation of the activity.

Grant Requirements: The research must be conducted by a Junior Researcher (resident, trainee, student) as confirmed by the Program Director (letter from Program Director required). Grantee will agree to: carry out the project as described in the application; remain at the department of anesthesiology at the institution sponsoring the application until
 completion of the project; include the following wording in any and all publications resulting from research which has utilized any STA Junior Researcher Award funds: “Supported (or ‘supported in part’) by a grant from the Society for Technology in Anesthesia”; agree to provide STA with a copy of all published materials including abstracts, papers, and other publications that result from this Award project

Presentation: Grant recipients will receive $250 at the January 2019 STA Annual Meeting; an additional $250 will be given if acceptance letter from a peer-reviewed journal (with a preference for IARS’ A&A Journal) is received in the same year the award is given. Junior Researcher is required to give a presentation during the awards session, historically on Friday afternoon the year following the award (January 2019 for the January 2018 awardee).  If work does not lead to acceptance for publication in the same year, the remaining $500 will not be given.