STA Engineering Challenge 2024

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A 'challenge' needs to have several characteristics to be successful:

1) It must be narrowly focused
2) It shouldn’t be something that a Corporate sponsor would devote a team to with the idea of creating a commercial product
3) It should educate the membership on new technology

In a recent issue of the ASA monitor, Steven Shafer discussed the issue of “Weaponized reporting systems”. While other articles in the issue explored the problems that have lead to such reporting systems, it is clear that no one would want to be on the receiving end of any of the reports of which Steve presents. For lack of a better term, “them’s fightin’ words”.

The 2024 Challenge is to use a large language model (GPT4 is an example) to develop a score for what Steve calls a SAFE report.


Some reading to get you started:

The rules:

1) At least one member of the team should be a trainee – student, resident, fellow, etc. 
2) Presentations may be in person or remote. A member of the team must contact Dr. Mandel prior to the start of the meeting to confirm intent to present
3) The developed score should be trained on the examples in Steve’s article. It is acceptable to mine the OPPE files of STA members with their consent.


First Prize: $1000

Second Prize: $500

Third Prize: $250

STA Engineering Challenge Contact Information:

For questions on the challenge specifications contact:

Jeff E. Mandel, MD, MS
Chair, STA Engineering Challenge

Past Participants

2020 Engineering Challenge Participants

Christopher Connor, MD, PhD, Brigham and Women's Hospital

Austin Culp, Pennsylvania State University

Eileen Petros, Case Western Reserve University 

Kevin Wang, MD, MSc

2019 Engineering Challenge Participants

Deepak Agarwal, DO, MPH, Cleveland Clinic

Michael Burns, MD, PhD, University of Michigan

Christopher Connor, MD, PhD, Brigham and Women's Hospital

Angad Kalra, BSc, MSc, University of Toronto

David Robinowitz, MD, MHS, MS, University of California San Francisco

2018 Engineering Challenge Participants:

Priya Ramaswamy, MD, M Eng, Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center

Deepak Agarwal, DO, MPH, Cleveland Clinic

Mark Korenke, MD, University of Michigan

Giuseppe Grossi, B Eng, Sickkids Hospital

2017 Engineering Challenge Participants:

Rami Saab, Hospital for Sick Children, Toronto

Nirav Bhasar, MD, University of Miami

Elie Sarraf, MDCM, B Eng, University of Vermont

Ryan Durk, MD, Washington University, Saint Louis

Krithika Anand, MD, Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia

2016 Engineering Challenge Winner:

Ali Jalali, MD, Children's Hospital of Philadelphia

2015 Engineering Challenge Winner:

Hassanpour Ali, MD, Temple University

2014 Engineering Challenge Winners:

  • First Place: Nicholas McGill, University of Pennsylvania
  • Second Place: Ryan Durk, Washington University Saint Louis
  • Third Place: Goeto Dantes, University of Florida