FAER One-Day Panel
‚Äčat the 2018 STA Annual Meeting

One-day registration fee includes Saturday breakfast, lunch, and reception. 

STA/ASA/AVA Member Registration
By 1/9/2018: $125
After 1/9/2018: $175

Non-Member Registration
By 1/9/2018: $275
After 1/9/2018: $375

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Successful Steps in Entrepreneurship

A FAER-sponsored session in honor of Dr. Ted Stanley
Saturday, January 13, 2018

1245-1400 STA/FAER Luncheon

Session 1: 1400-1600
Success and Failure Travel Together
Stories from four clinically driven entrepreneurs who have attempted commercialization of clinically-driven ideas.

  • Lara Brewer (University of Utah) Early Innovation in Academia
  • Jeff Mandel (University of Pennsylvania) Innovation for the Established Academic
  • George Arndt (University of Wisconsin) Building Long Term Relationships
  • Steven Shafer (Stanford University) How “Can’t Fail” Fails

Break: 1600-1515

Session 2: 1615-1815
Swimming with Sharks – Technology Version
Anesthesiology has a long history of innovation, entrepreneurship, and close interactions between academicians, private practitioners, and industry to bring new concepts to the clinical arena and better care for our patients. Using the entertaining format of Shark Tank™, this session will have participants pitch their ideas to a panel of innovation experts, and learn about the steps involved in the process of developing an idea to bring it to market.


  • Lara Brewer
  • Jeff Mandel
  • George Arndt
  • Steven Shafer

Break: 1815-2000 

Swimming with Sharks - Technology Version

Anesthesiology has a long history of innovation, entrepreneurship, and collaboration among academicians, private practitioners, and industry to improve patient care. FAER and the Society of Technology in Anesthesia have played essential roles in our history of innovation.

FAER and STA are sponsoring a forum on entrepreneurship. Following a “networking” lunch from 12:45 to 2:00 pm, there will be a 2-hour program “Success and Failure Travel Together, with presentations of adventures, and misadventures, by Drs. Brewer, Mandel, Arndt, and Shafer.

This will be followed by a 2-hour session during which four inventors “pitch” their invention to one of the above panelists. The panelists will will ask tough questions about the unmet medical need, the likelihood of technical and commercial success, and the potential return on investment. Following the presentations, the panelists will select a winner.

This is the same format as the well-attended “Swimming with Sharks” session at this year’s ASA. Several of the presenters at the “Swimming with Sharks” sessions were approached by potential business partners and investors following the presentations. That is why both the presenters and panelists worked hard to hone the “elevator pitch” as would be expected for an investor presentation.

If you are interested in applying to be one of four inventors to stand in the spotlight and present your innovative idea to a panel of successful entrepreneurs, please complete this form and submit it to FAER@faer.org by the December 4, 2017 deadline. 

Download the Application Form HERE