Society for Technology in Anesthesia Committees

Membership: The Membership Committee shall make recommendations to the Board on benefits of membership, dues, promotion of the Society and membership services.


Education: The Education Committee shall be responsible for the STA at the ASA lecture, and the STA-sponsored ASA and IARS Breakfast panels.  The Committee shall have a set mission statement approved by the Board.


Standards: The Standards Committee shall bring to the Board recommendations for promotion or acceptance of Standards in the field of technology in anesthesia


Annual Meeting: The Annual Meeting Committee shall be responsible for the program planning, content and moderation of the overall speaker program at the meeting site.


Research Committee: A core mission of the society is the improvement of patient care through the use of applied technology. Within that context, the mission of the research committee is to foster technical innovation through clinical research. This is accomplished by providing a supportive venue for research presentation and recognizing investigative achievement. 


Communications: The Communications Committee shall be responsible for membership publications such as Interface, the web site, and other formats of providing the membership and others with information about the Society and its activities.


If you are interested in volunteering to serve on a commitee for the Society for Techonology in Anesthesia (STA) please contact the STA offices via email at