STA 2019 Annual Meeting

To view sponsorship levels and become a Corporate Member, please view the Exhibitor Prospectus! If you should have any questions regarding participation in the Annual Meeting, please contact the STA administrative office by email at or by phone at 414-389-8600. We look forward to hearing from you!


Platinum Plus Corporate Members

Edwards Lifesciences

Edwards Lifesciences, based in Irvine, Calif., is the global leader in patient-focused medical innovations for structural heart disease, as well as critical care and surgical monitoring.  Driven by a passion to help patients, the company collaborates with the world’s leading clinicians and researchers to address unmet healthcare needs, working to improve patient outcomes and enhance lives.  For more information, visit and follow us on Twitter @EdwardsLifesci.


Masimo is a global medical technology company that develops and manufactures innovative noninvasive monitoring technologies, including medical devices and a wide array of sensors that may enable earlier detection and treatment of potentially life-threatening conditions. A key medical technology innovator, Masimo is responsible for the invention of award-winning noninvasive technologies that are revolutionizing patient monitoring, including Masimo SET® pulse oximetry, Masimo rainbow® noninvasive and continuous hemoglobin (SpHb®), acoustic respiration rate (RRa™), Masimo Patient SafetyNet™, SedLine® (EEG-based) Brain Function Monitors, and Phasein™ respiratory monitors.


As a global leader in medical technology, services and solutions, Medtronic improves the health and lives of millions of people each year. We believe our deep clinical, therapeutic and economic expertise can help address the complex challenges — such as rising costs, aging populations and the burden of chronic disease — faced by families and healthcare systems today. But no one can do it alone. That’s why we’re committed to partnering in new ways and developing powerful solutions that deliver better patient outcomes.


Silver Corporate Members


Becton Dickinson

BD is a global medical technology company that is advancing the world of health by improving medical discovery, diagnostics and the delivery of care. BD leads in patient and healthcare worker safety and the technologies that enable medical research and clinical laboratories. The company provides innovative solutions that help advance medical research and genomics, enhance the diagnosis of infectious disease and cancer, improve medication management, promote infection prevention, equip surgical and interventional procedures and support the management of diabetes.


GE Healthcare

For more than a century, clinicians have trusted Dräger’s innovative anesthesia solutions to improve the practice and business of anesthesia care. To learn about how our anesthesia machines, patient monitors, clinical IT solutions, accessories, and services can make an impact, please stop by our booth at the STA 2018 Annual Meeting.

GE Healthcare

GE Healthcare provides transformational medical technologies and services to meet the demand for increased access, enhanced quality and more affordable healthcare around the world. GE (NYSE:GE) works on things that matter - great people and technologies taking on tough challenges. From medical imaging, software & IT, patient monitoring and diagnostics to drug discovery, biopharmaceutical manufacturing technologies and performance improvement solutions, GE Healthcare helps medical professionals deliver great healthcare to their patients. 

Mindray North America

Mindray, founded in 1991, is a leading global developer, manufacturer, and supplier of medical devices whose mission is to deliver high-quality, richly featured medical products making healthcare more accessible and affordable around the world. Mindray provides solutions in three core businesses: Patient Monitoring and Life Support, Medical Imaging, and In-Vitro Diagnostics.


NeuroWave is dedicated to improving patient safety, outcome and quality of life by creating innovative monitoring and drug delivery systems using advanced neurophysiological signal processing and control system engineering. In particular, the AutoTIVATM System is being developed for the military to allow for safe and effective delivery of Total Intravenous Anesthesia. This device integrates a proprietary infusion system and a brain monitor with a Physiological Closed-Loop Controller to automatically regulate the infusion rates of propofol and remifentanil based on a setpoint defined by the anesthesia care provider. The AutoTIVA represents a major step forward in Target Controlled Infusion technologies.


Entrepreneur Gold Corporate Members

EHRC Technologies

We focus on selling an FDA approved medical device that repairs the skin. On the basis of LED Therapy Red light treatment is completely safe and has no reported side effects. The LED light is known to promote the production of cells & collagen and by doing that it’s basically rejuvenating your skin. The red light also is known to reduce melanin (hormone) level in the skin and improve the appearance of age spot and dark spots.  Today the LED technology is being also used by therapists for arthritis, joint pain relief, sports injuries of athletes and more. Research done by NASA, it was found that some common side effect of chemotherapy and radiation treatments can be reduced by using the LED light treatment NASA also found it to aid in the healing of human wounds, burns and Diabetic skin ulcers. The kit comes with a high-end skin care to complete the treatment.


Entrepreneur Silver Corporate Members


AlertWatch develops integrated decision support software to help anesthesiologists improve quality across the entire continuum of care. The software integrates device and medical record information to produce real-time alerts focused on improving outcomes and reducing length of stay.

Our newest product is AlertWatch:OB, the world’s first electronic maternal surveillance system. The software facilitates the early recognition and management of maternal morbidity, including postpartum hemorrhage and severe hypertension. With maternal mortality on the rise in the United States, AlertWatch:OB will become a key part of your labor & delivery unit.

ClearLine MD

ClearLine MD is founded and funded by forward-thinking device engineers based on first-hand knowledge of an avoidable adverse event, air embolism.  The Company is delivering a new standard of care for eliminating reducing potentially dangerous Air Burden by reducing air from IV lines and avoiding the clinical complications associated with air embolism.


Codonics Safe Label System (SLS) is the standard of care for medication preparation safety and compliance. Installed in over 5,000 ORs, SLS integrates with anesthesia dispensing carts (ADCs) to provide unparalleled safety and comprehensive barcode labeling. SLS labels integrate with Epic Anesthesia and Plexus Anesthesia Touch for AIMS/EHR documentation, offering a complete solution for barcode medication identification and verification of IV meds at the point of care. An FDA Class II device, the system ensures TJC compliance with best practices and standards to improve patient safety and workflow efficiency. SLS helps to eliminate human error and improves system integration to enhance clinical delivery. 

DMF Medical

DMF Medical Incorporated (DMF) is a Canadian based company with the sole purpose of making anesthesia safer. The company’s lead product – memsorb – is a next generation CO2 filtration device for general anesthesia that uses membrane technology rather than traditional chemical absorption. DMF’s filtration technology provides clinical, environmental, cost, and reliability benefits that cannot be achieved with chemical absorbents. This includes a game-changing solution to the known dilemma associated with current CO2 absorbers and their use in ultra-low flow anesthesia. 

Micropore, Inc (SpiralithCa)

Micropore, based in Elkton, MD and Newark, DE is a U.S. based ISO 9001 manufacturing company that produces advanced absorbent systems for the most critical rebreathing and life support applications, including military and commercial diving, submarines, medical devices, mining, and emergency response. Micropore’s products, sold under the SpiraLith, ExtendAir, and MicroSep brand names, are manufactured to meet the most stringent and exacting standards for some of the world’s most discerning clients including the U.S. Navy, NIOSH and NASA.

Respiratory Motion, Inc

Respiratory Motion, Inc., brings New Technology to multiple clinical sites of care by non-invasively assessing if the patient is breathing sufficiently to support metabolism and respiration. ExSpironTM,  a Minute Ventilation monitor provides Clinicians a superior solution for monitoring ventilation status, including life threatening hypoventilation. Hypoventilation often leads to respiratory failure.  ExSpironTM is a technology that detects hypoventilation early than existing technologies including SpO2 and EtCO2.  

Vigilant Labels

Vigilant Labels solves for Anesthesia and PACU syringe labeling challenges through technology that fits the provider’s workflow.  The Click-to-Comply solution allows providers to print USP 797 compliant labels in just two clicks.  Stop handwriting your syringe labels.  Stop worrying about Joint Commission or AAAHC site visits.  Implement Vigilant Labels Click-to-Comply and simplify the burdens of syringe labeling.