The Virtual Anesthesia Machine (VAM) is a free, interactive, Web-based program that displays a real-time animation of gas flows in a "generic" anesthesia machine. The author is Dr. Sem Lampotang. This program won an award at the STA 2000 meeting for Best Abstract in the category of Application of Technology to Education.

Capnography, the award winning educational web site on the technology and clinical application, has animated graphics demonstrating the function of Mapleson breathing circuits. The author is Dr. Bhavani Shankar Kodali.

The mobilePDR is a free version of the Physician's Desk Reference (PDR) for your handheld device that provides up-to-date FDA approved drug labeling at the point of care, product information by brand or generic name, the latest FDA announcements and drug launches, ability to check interactions between two or more drugs, and access the PDR's own concise drug monographs.

The current versions of the epocrates app are available for Apple and Android

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