Every year, the STA bestows the JS Gravenstein Award for lifetime achievement in the area of technology in anesthesia. The award is named for JS "Nik" Gravenstein (1925-2009), a founding member and former President of the STA. For over thirty years, Dr. Gravenstein was a driving force in advancing anesthesia technology, patient simulation and anesthesia patient safety. His lifelong commitment to developing and teaching anesthesia technology embodies the values of the Society. Recipients are invited to make a lunchtime presentation at the STA Annual Meeting, where the award is presented.


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2022 J.S. Gravenstein Award!



Previous Award Recipients:

  • 2021 - Jeffrey Feldman, MD, MSE - CLICK HERE to view Dr. Feldman's presentation 
  • 2020 - Kirk Shelley, MD, PhD - CLICK HERE to read more about Dr. Shelley's contributions or CLICK HERE for a handout of his presentation
  • 2019 - Jan Ehrenwerth, MD
  • 2018 - Matthew B. Weinger, MD
  • 2017 - James Philip, ME(E), MD, CCE for his numerous major contributions to technological aspects of the practice of anesthesiology, encompassing monitoring, therapy, and educational simulation. CLICK HERE to read more about Dr. Philip's contributions or CLICK HERE to watch a video of the presentation
  • 2016 - Steven J. Barker, PhD, MD, for his years of innovation, instruction and service to study and improve medical monitoring devices. CLICK HERE to read more about Dr. Barker's contributions
  • 2015 - Jeffrey Cooper, MD, for his visionary understanding of the role of technology in anesthesia care and lifetime commitment to patient safety.
  • 2014 - Chester Phillips, III, MD, for his longstanding, visionary leadership in the development of electronic anesthesia record-keeping systems.
  • 2013 - Takuo Aoyagi, MD, for his discovery of the principle behind the pulse oximeter
  • 2012 - Kevin Tremper, MD, for achievement in monitoring technology, use of electronic health records in anesthesia, multicenter collaboration and the development of the MPOG Center 
  • 2011- David Gaba, MD, for launching the field of simulation training within the field of Anesthesia  
  • 2010 - Maynard (Mike) Ramsey III, medical device entrepreneur and inventor of the Dinamap noninvasive blood pressure monitor
  • 2009 - William New, founder and former chairman of Nellcor, and a pioneer in pulse oximetry
  • 2008 - Dwayne R. Westenskow, for sustained research, leadership, and mentoring in the field of anesthesia technology
  • 2007 - Michael Cudahy, co-founder and former president of Marquette Electronics, and a visionary who fostered engineer-clinician collaboration
  • 2006 - Susan E. Dorsch and Jerry A. Dorsch, contributions to the understanding of the theory and operation of anesthetic equipment
  • 2005 - Stanley Weitzner, for his advancement of national and international anesthesia equipment standards
  • 2004 - Peter Schreiber, founder and former president of North American Drager and a pioneer in patient safety
  • 2002 - N. Ty Smith, a pioneer in computer modelling of human physiology
  • 2001 - John Severinghaus, a pioneer in blood gas analysis and respiratory physiology
  • 2000 - Stephen Abrahmson, a pioneer in medical simulator technology,