Best Abstracts

Best Abstract Awards

Since 1994, the STA has presented awards to the authors of the best abstracts at the annual meetings of the Society for Technology and the American Society of Anesthesiologists. These awards are motivated by the STA bylaws, which state the purpose of the Society as "the improvement of the quality of patient care by (1) improving technology and (2) its appication".


Given this overall goal of the Society, the Research Committee rewards research into technologies that address high priority needs of the practice of anesthesia.

Three Categories

The Research Committee reviews all technology related abstacts presented at the STA and ASA annual meetings and selects the best ones in the following three categories:

  1. Excellence in Technology Innovation

  2. Clinical Application of Technology

  3. Application of Technology to Education


In selecting abstracts, the Committee looks for:

  1. Originality of concept and/or good experimental design;

  2. A careful analysis;

  3. Well-presented results; and

  4. Medical significance of the contribution